About Us


BetQuit App was founded with the concept of protecting people, individiuals and their families from one of biggest and worst addiction called GAMBLING. After looking into the lives of very close people we realized that in the whole world there are many people who all are looking for some wayout to get rid of this worst enemy of their life to save and protect themselves.

Our motive is protect people from Problem Gambling and give them a new normal life back. It's quite easy to adopt some bad habit but it's really hard to quit the same and so we have came with such and easy and simple applicatons for every platform i.e. Android, iPhone, Mac & Windows which will stop the gambling access.

Unique Features What makes us different.

Fast Filtering

High performance in blocking

BetQuit gives you a very fast filtering of blocked websites and blocks them in fraction of seconds.

Easiest Instalation Method

Smooth & Easy Installation.

To make it more user friendly, We have developed this application's uses and installation much easier.

Free Updates For All

You deserve It.

We are improving It with every single day & you deserve the latest updates which is 100% Free.

User Friendly Designs

Easy & Clean Designs.

Say bid adieu to complex designs, we have made it very clean & user friendly for you.

Add URL to Database

Follow an Easy step

You found some new URLs on the web? We give you authority to add the URLs into our database.

24/7 Support

Quick Response.

We provide full support with every purchase all along the subscription period with no extra cost.